Monday, June 3, 2013

The Giants

There is just no way to describe the impact of these trees on one's senses.  They are otherworldly in their size, but that is only part of their unique essence. They feel as firm and permanent as the ground they have been anchored in for as much as 2000 years.

They feel permanent--until you realize how close we have come to wiping them all out just so we might build millions of pretty houses in subdivisions that are indistinguishable, one from another.

How big is it?

Jo said she could live in it...

"It has nice high ceilings."

"And a guest room."

I had to admit it had more room than the RV.

The drive is called "Avenue of the Giants", is 30 miles long...   

and just about midway between Canada and Mexico.

We drove to this tree, just a short distance from US 101,  but the opening was a little too small to get the RV through it.

A million pictures have been taken of this tree, and that many cars or more have driven through it.

We were amazed that it could continue to live--for decades--with its heart cut out.

HEIGHT: 315 ft

This tree was already 400 years old when Cleopatra became Pharaoh of Egypt.

Near the community of Garberville we found the following 'tourist trap'.


Crafted in 1946 from a 2100 year old redwood, this section of the tree weighed 42 tons and took 8 months of labor to hollow out a room 7' high and 32' long.  With wheels attached, it toured the United States in its early years, then settled in redwood country, arriving here in 1999.  The inside is furnished with living, dining and bedroom areas.

I could not bring myself to go into this house.  The fact that a living tree, a survivor of more than  2100 years, had to be cut down to provide a tourist attraction made me slightly ill--and very sad. 

But Jo took my camera, bought a ticket and did the tour.

I really hope the old growth trees that are still standing can be preserved.  I am not a vegetarian, I wear leather shoes, I drive a gas guzzling vehicle, I have lived in houses built with redwood walls.  My footprint is as big and bad as everyone else's--but I wish it weren't.


  1. Enjoyed the tour Toni.....I've been in log houses, but not an actual "log" if you see an actual "dog" house.....


  2. .....the pics were wonderful....those trees so amaze and inspire me. Both the size and age. So glad someone had the sense to stop and save these giants. Be careful out there and keep up the wonderful pictures and got a following....


  3. Thanks for the nice comment, Dean. I'll also keep an eye out for the dog house..Toni

  4. "I have a house where I go when there's too many people, I have a house where I go Where no one can be; I have a house where I go where nobody ever says "no" where no one says anything-so there is no one but me." Christopher Robin
    I forgot to copy this for you....