Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Coos Bay and the tall ships

While in Coos Bay we did a tour of two of the 'Tall Ships' that are currently touring the west coast..

The Hawaiian Chieftain--103' long

and built in Maui in 1988

And the Lady Washington--112' long, built in 1989

Both sailing vessels are replicas that have been built in the traditional style,

and are used primarily for educational and sailing training.

The ships are manned by a small, highly trained, paid crew and a very large, untrained volunteer crew.

The Lady Washington has appeared in a number of movies including "Pirates of the Caribbean--Curse of the Black Pearl" and as Captain Hook's vessel in "Once Upon a Time".

The volunteer crew were mostly young people who were looking to get as much experience at sea as possible...

And I thought that sounded like wonderful fun until I realized that 'Duty #1' was to prepare the meals--in a very hot galley. I'm sure that 'Duty #2' is probably swabbing the deck!

All in all, the tour brought back a lot of nostalgia...  

 and great memories of my family's past sailing days.

One more thought--touring the northwest coast in May and June is brilliant--the azaleas and rhododendrons were in full bloom but I have taken way too many pictures of flowers already.

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