Friday, June 14, 2013

Bigfoot and Big Foot

Upon the return to Redding,  Jo, Carolyn, Mary and myself did one more trip to Whiskey Town Lake for the day, then Mary and I spent the night at the lake before heading back up Hwy 299 to the coast.    

That first morning saw the lake as still as glass.

A family of ducks was fishing along the beach...

And I was able to get two duck butts--at once.

Until we get to Eureka and head north from there we would be covering the same ground I covered with Jo...

But it was so lovely I didn't mind a bit seeing it all over again.

At the ghost town we found a notice posted on one of the trees--probably warning us to stay out of the town or suffer some vile persecution--however the notice was so high we couldn't tell what it said. Whoever put it there must have brought his own ladder.

So we ignored the 'warning' and explored all over again.  

Once again, there was no one around the entire time we were there.

In Weaverville we began to see 'Proof of Bigfoot'.  He must be real--he popped up everywhere.

By this time Mary had earned the name, Bigfoot--- 

Because she kept stepping in the cat food and spilling it all over the floor.


  1. No worries Mary, I stepped in the catfood and knocked flowers on the door. Maybe it runs in the family.

  2. Did it occur to you that the sign was nailed on the tree at a normal height, but just a long time ago? And that tree has grown a few feet since?

  3. Ron, I think all trees add girth at the bottom (that's how you get rings) but only grow up from the top. At least all the trees I have ever had anything to do with.