Friday, December 2, 2011

Thanksgiving with the Kellys

While coming from the showers on Wednesday I met this delightful couple, Mike and Diane Kelly.  Diane very graciously invited me to come to their Thanksgiving dinner the next day--complete with turkey and dressing!  Yeah, a campground and prepared in an RV that is barely two feet longer than Halcyon II.  Do I sound skeptical?

The next day they moved their RV over next to mine and set up gourmet cooking on the picnic table.
And I do mean gourmet! All I supplied was cranberry salad and electricity.

This little Gizmo called the Nuwave cooker baked this stuffed turkey in two 1/2 hours.  It also baked the sweet potatoes and the pie.

Can you believe this?  I wish I had taken pictures of the other campers that kept walking by our campsite and stopping to breathe in the aromas.  They could not believe their eyes either and they were green with envy.

The meal was wonderful.  Thank you Mike and Diane for a wonderful Thanksgiving.  And please stay in touch.

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  1. Where there's a will there's a way... awesome stuff!