Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pensacola to Leesburg

As I was heading to Leesburg to visit my brother-in-law, Don Larson, I spied another 'pod people habitat'.  If you have been following this blog you know there is an entire enclave of pods between Waco and Austin.  Look out, folks, I think we are being infiltrated!

I am sorry about the repetition but I cannot get enough of this scenery.  The  trip of less than 350 miles took me three days--I just kept stopping to breathe in the salt air and take a nap.

I saw a number of these guys along the way.  These kites can lift them high into the air.

This fishing pier was part of the RV park where I spent one night.  Right at sundown some of the occupants of the park came down for what appeared to be a regular ritual--trying out new gear, bait or
swear words to catch the biggest fish of the evening.

And here was the winner!  If you look closely you will see the monster of a fish he reeled in.  They soon left with the promise to return the next night for another fish-off.

And the day ended with the perfect sunset over Carrabelle, Florida

Oh, my!  It doesn't get prettier than this.

Well, Arizona's sunsets would be just as pretty if you could add water.   

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