Sunday, December 25, 2011

Key West--Part 2

I spent 1/2 hour here looking for one of Ernest's 6-toed cats but never found one.  

I did not take the tour of the lighthouse--I didn't think I would make it to the top.  But I learned that the keeper of the lighthouse at the turn of the last century was a woman.  She eventually was fired because she insisted on flying the confederate flag instead of the US flag.  I have seen enough confederate flags flying around the south to wonder if they wouldn't be willing to fight that war all over again.

The Conch Republic!

There was whimsy like this all over the island but I was usually driving and couldn't stop for a picture.

I loved the island feel of the houses.  They were all brightly painted and well cared for.  Most have the wooden storm shutters.
More flowers for Aunt Pauline...

Besides the trolleys there were 'conch trains', bicycle rickshaws, horse drawn carriages and 6-seater golf carts--all doing tours of the old town. Each would stop in the middle of the narrow streets and block traffic while their speakers bellowed out some bit of history about a building or house or whatever.

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