Monday, December 12, 2011

Leesburg to Winter Haven

It was time to make the quick trip from Leesburg to Winter Haven to see  June Sherman, my daughter-in-law Amy's grandmother.....

 I stopped for lunch and when I exited the restaurant I looked up to see a sky full of vapor trails--this is barely a hint of what was up there.  It made me wonder  1.) Are the traffic controllers getting enough money and enough sleep and 2.) is this the mass exodus of the snow birds to Florida?

OMG!! What is this?  Miles from anywhere I drove past this thing and did another u-turn...No it is not a badly executed nativity scene (or maybe it is).

Anyway, it is huge and enclosed by a fence or I would have explored it closer.  There are gargoyles, buddhas, Vishnus, elves, unicorns and all manner of animals in a very cavelike setting.  The next time you complain about zoning laws or your HOA restrictions think about this.

June Sherman is one of my favorite people.  She is a Trekkie (Star Trek Fan) and one of the most cheerful, energetic and adventuresome people I know.  She lives on the 7th floor of a retirement center plus her balcony has a wonderful view of Winter Haven and this little lake.

Where I had my coffee each morning for two days before a very bad cold caught me and I had to take my germs and skidaddle.  I plan to return to June's again after Christmas and when I am germ-free.


  1. This was in an email from my friend, George Wheeler....

    Got your note and visited your blog. Many site addresses do not require the www. prefix, but your blog does. Did you know?

    Anyway, I enjoyed the photos and words thoroughly. What an adventure you are having!

  2. Toni, take care of yourself and hope you feel better...

  3. That's a very cool nativity scene... or whatever it is!

    I love human creativity :)