Friday, December 23, 2011

Key West Part 3--kitchy koo

Some of the junk made me smile...

At least for today...

This really touched my gardener's nerve...It is a bougainvilla topiary!  There are three colors of the plants that are trained up a common stalk then trimmed like a tree.  It is stunning!  I would not have planted all that other stuff at the base--it just detracts from the beauty of the 'tree'.  When I stop traveling I am going to try to grow one of these.

Besides tourists everywhere, there are chickens!  They roam free!  and they are plentiful.

This rooster was living in a local park but so were about 5 homeless guys.  I wondered how this old bird has managed to survive.  Then I tried to take his picture and he kept running around this tree.  He never let me get very close.  It's survival-of-the -fastest!

Key West Sculpture.

and Key West car art.

This guy was rather impressive....

80 degrees and sunny.... AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Watching the sunrise every morning at the beach was worth the whole trip.  I drove back to the Everglades on Christmas Eve and will be here until the 27th.  

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