Friday, December 16, 2011

Everglades Park, Days 3 & 4

"There is no quiet place in the white man's cities.  No place to hear the unfurling of the leaves in spring or the rustle of insect's wings.  And what is there to life if one cannot hear the lonely cry of the whippoorwill or the argument of the frogs around a pond at night?"

                                                          Chief Seattle's Challenge, 1854

Morning in the park was noisy with birds but almost no people.  I have had the park almost to myself the entire time I have been here.  The mosquitoes are pretty bad but not unbearable.  I understand this is the good time of year. In the summer the humidity is insufferable and the mosquitoes travel in low-flying swarms. In the summer it makes nature walks nearly impossible unless one is suited up like a beekeeper.

But during the day a breeze is blowing, the temperature is in the high 70's and the humidity is almost reasonable.

Nature walks are beautiful--can you believe this is the middle of December?

My last morning and time to say, 'Goodbye'..  The guy above posed nicely for me.

Sunrise in the Everglades is worth getting up for.

I had to climb this pass to get out of the park.

This is the Gulf of Mexico--Many years ago my family on Halcyon (the sailboat) anchored out in this bay and Roger and the kids swam very near a pod of dolphins (or porpoises).  They were all around us and had followed us for miles cavorting in the bow wave of the boat.  At that time I never would have guessed I would be standing on the shore looking back at the same spot some 30 years later.

Did they stop by to say "Goodbye"?

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