Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Okeechobee, Okeefenokee, and Okee Pokee

This is somewhat out of order but I wanted to get it in anyway--The trip from the Southern tip of Okeechobee to the Everglades.  I stopped on the levee that surrounds the lake and had a picnic.

This was the most interesting part of the lake I saw during the entire trip since the lake is completely leveed in and pretty barren.

The lake seems to be mostly for supplying water to the surrounding farms--and there were many.

The only way to see the lake is from an occasional bridge or by driving to the top of the levee.  I started wondering when I would see Pogo and the swamp instead of field after field of crops.

While driving along the road I began to see turtles and a few of them were trying to get to the other side....
I quickly stopped the RV, jumped out, scooped this traveler up and carted him to the side of the road before taking his picture.  He was obviously camera shy so I only have a picture of his house--an RV sans feet!  A 1/2 mile down the road there was a second one to rescue (trucks were coming so I skipped the picture) and another 1/2 mile produced a third!  What is with the traveling tortoises?   Is there a joke here? Anyway, I stopped the rescue missions before I became roadkill.

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