Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lakeport Social Life

Every evening while I was at Don's we had reservations with someone (or several someones) who would be joining us in the formal dining room for dinner.
Don always looked smashing.  Those bright shirts of his are his trademark and he wears them well.
And the most notable item of all--He irons his own shirts! and I do mean--to perfection!

As you can see--those shirts are worth the effort.  Jean and Helen sure think so.

Willie and Loren Miller provide levity to this lively bunch.

 On the left above are Jules and Judy.  We went to a Christmas concert starring Mickey Finn (who knew he was still performing?) and Jules won the drawing--approx $250!  So he provided the wine for dinner.  I tell you--it's a lively bunch!

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