Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wrap up

We saw Mary off last Wednesday as she flew home to Hawaii.  I left yesterday for a few weeks of visiting friends and family in other parts of Texas.  I expect to be back in Aledo by the end of Sept. to attend a family wedding.
I have truly been in the heart of what is 'Pure Texas'.  I have had two meals of chicken fried steak (both times I ordered the small steak and it completely filled a dinner plate), lots of fried okra, barbecue and pecan pie. 
While attending one of the art galleries I noted there were a lot of people on the street carrying guns of all shapes and sizes.  I soon learned there was a gun show next door to the gallery--and a good many more people were attending that event than going to the art show! And gun shows occur somewhere in town every single weekend!
There have been at least 65 days of more than 100 degrees and each day with a soupy humidity.  And no rain in sight!  I thought it was cute when someone asked me how I could stand the heat in Tucson.   
And there is something about the expressions here that makes you stop and think a bit...
Aunt Louise received a phone call from an elderly friend one day who needed a ride somewhere.  I asked, "Is she not able to drive anymore?"  
The somewhat deadpan reply, "Oh, no, she can drive--she just can't stop!"   

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