Sunday, August 14, 2011

Feline Posting--'What's in a Name?'

It is time for me to be heard. I am Mom's traveling companion, sounding board, spiritual advisor and I keep her feet warm when it's a cold night. My name was Simie but too many people called me Simmie (rhymes with Jimmie) so I am changing the spelling to Sigh Me--looks Oriental doesn't it? Maybe now people will not mix up the pronunciation.

Before this trip started Mom took me to the vet for a chip implant should I wander off somewhere. That is not too likely since I am scared of my own shadow but it made Mom feel better. I love to play tricks on Mom and when we reached Mom's friend's house in Santa Fe I promptly disappeared into a cupboard (I know how to open cupboard doors) where I curled up on a soft red tablecloth behind some xmas dishes. Well, Mom and her friend looked for a long time and could not find me--it is always funny to see Mom lying on the floor looking up under a sofa and meowing like a lovesick cat. Of course I did not answer her. She finally brought out the roast chicken and I came out--but I wish she'd stop squeezing me so much.

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