Monday, August 8, 2011

Clifton, Az

Yesterday was a lot of driving--then backtracking--only to get as far as Clifton.  After looking long and hard at the map while having lunch in Safford I decided to skip Globe etc and stay closer to the AZ-NM border.  But when I started up the mountain at Morenci I began to worry. The climb through the Copper quarry was steep--though very spectacular--and Halcyon II was grinding away as we climbed.  Then the hairpin curves slowed to 10 MPH and the grade got steeper.

Five more miles and I passed a sign saying "90 miles to the next services".  OMG!  I looked at the gas tank--3/4 full.  That should be enough gas.  But five more miles of grinding and slowing to a snail's crawl and I decided to turn around.  So call me chicken.

Outside of Clifton I found a RV park nestled in a canyon under some tall pine trees along side a lovely--very full--creek.  It is green, cool and inviting here--with lots of permanent residents who appeared to work at the copper mine.

Driving into the park I passed 3 big horn sheep--a ram and 2 ewes--climbing on the canyon walls.  There was no place to park so I couldn't get their pictures--so disappointing.

Once again the park ranger was solicitous and made me park near the showers.  I even pleaded that I would prefer to be nearer the creek but he insisted.  And of course he was right.  Friday was probably payday at the mine and there was some rowdy drinking and carousing to all hours down by the creek.  I was way too tired and really appreciated the good sleep I had.

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