Monday, August 15, 2011

Santa Fe, New Mexico--Aug. 12th

Here I am at Alexandra Steven's house enjoying her company, air conditioning and a large comfortable bed.  Sigh Me is enjoying her new cubby-hole in the cupboard.  I still have some problems with the 12V system in the RV and someone is here today working on it.  I will pick up my sister, Mary, on the 15th so it has to be working by then.
I have been told by various friends and family that I need to be posting more often so they can stop worrying about me.  If you are one of the worriers then just call me on the cell phone--or email me.
The Verizon WiFi that I am using has been very very spotty and usually only allows me a few minutes on the Internet before it throws me off.  It may be because New Mexico is sparsely populated and Verizon provides only the minimum in service.  Whatever the reason I am sorry.  I also have a rule that I will not post my whereabouts until I drive away from a place--as a protection.  A single woman traveling alone thinks of things like that.

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  1. I thought it was just me...but I am glad to hear that others are worried about Mom too...thanks!