Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kartchner Caverns

This odyssey has officially begun.

My friend Patsy joined me as we drove east for her first (and my 5th) tour of Kartchner Caverns. As expected--she loved it as much as I do.  No pictures are allowed inside so if anyone reading this has never seen the cavern then I strongly urge you to do so.  Pictures would hardly do it justice, anyway.

Patsy drove back to Tucson and I stayed in the campground.  My first night alone--and it was awesome!  There were only a few other campers scattered around the park but I did not feel any fear.  The park ranger came over to check and make sure I was comfortable--he insisted on putting me near the showers so I wouldn't have to walk far in the dark.  I discovered that the air conditioner works like a charm.

At approx midnight lightening and thunder woke me and I turned off the air conditioner and opened the window over my bunk.  The rain came in sheets--loud and long.  It reverberates inside the RV--like rain on a tin roof. Then it got cold.  I had to unpack a few cabinets but found the WWL blanket and snuggled up in it with the cat for a great sleep.

What a great beginning!


  1. What is a WWL blanket?

  2. WWL blanket is Westward Look logo'd plush blanket the staff gave me as a retirement gift. It is nice and warm too.