Sunday, August 14, 2011

Datil to Albuquerque

Upon leaving Datil and crossing a wide expanse of desert and farm land I began to see these enormous dishes--one behind the other. They were huge--at least 5 stories high! And I counted at least 20 of them--all pointing in the same direction!  It was several days later when I met a young lady named Nancy that told me the dishes were part of the SETI project-- searching for extra-terrestrial life.  I think the govt. funding may have dried up on this project but she thought it was private money that was funding it now.  Click HERE for some more info.

Beyond the interesting dishes the only other excitement on my way to Albuquerque was the wind.  It relentlessly buffeted the Roadtrek and by the time I stopped for the night the muscles in my arms were sore and spent.  I may need to start lifting weights to get into condition for this.


  1. Sorry Mom. This VLA is not part of SETI. It is, however, part of real astronomical work done by the US Govt.