Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The end of house living

It has been a month since the last posting and I apologize--hopefully such a long delay will not happen again..
The deadline to be out of the house was 7/31 and I missed it by only 2 hours!  I actually closed the door to the empty house at 2AM and drove the few miles to my friend Suzie's house to sleep in her guest room for a couple of days.
Starting Aug 1st I began a major job--to sort through the mess in the RV and try to a  find a place for everything.  Obviously I thought I needed much more stuff than that small RV was able to provide space for.
And finally, it is time for 'Goodbyes'.  So many great friends and I want to see everyone of them before I leave town.  So for the next few days it will be a happy/sad time with tears and reminiscences and promises that I will come back to Tucson--in two years .

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