Saturday, August 27, 2011

"Greater Tuna"

Aunt Louise and the star of "Greater Tuna"
     in Texas it is the perfect time to experience "Greater Tuna"--the play about life in a small town in Texas named Tuna. 

    We drove to Weatherford to a small church that was converted to a theatre and we all sat on pews.  Every person that entered the door knew two or three others in the room and the play was slow getting started, due in part to the constant greetings, cheek kissings and  back slappings.

        The play opened with the radio commentator telling about the death of a notable male citizen whose body was found in a compromising situation while dressed in an Esther Williams one-piece bathing suit.  I laughed and laughed then noticed that not everyone in the room thought it was as funny as I did.  Anyway, those writers surely came from a town not much different than Weatherford.

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