Monday, June 4, 2012

Washington DC--Day one

I had never been here before so arrival in Washington DC was so exciting.  My husband's grand niece, Katy Johnson lives in DC and works for a congressman from Chicago, Luis Gutierrez. On my first day in town I headed right for her place--and the touring began.

It was Sunday and Katy immediately offered to take me in to the center of town because, on every Sunday, there is an awesome farmer's market and street fair.

She is truly a Grand Niece!

There were lots of crafts and it gets very hard to pass by all these interesting things and know there is no longer even one square inch of space left for me to accumulate any more stuff.

I loved all the ethnic stuff....

I thought of mounting this just in front of my bicycle on the bow of the RV...
or maybe not.
The music was really wonderful.  I could have listened to this lady play the fiddle all afternoon.  There was a complete Farmer's Market inside an old government complex equipped with a butcher, a baker and--well, you know.  I bought some chicken, apple and cranberry sausage from a Romanian gypsy without a second thought.  Later that evening that sausage tasted great while I relaxed in my campsite.  I still pat myself on the back for finding an 1100 acre, very wooded,  National Park inside The Beltway. For anyone out there traveling in an RV, look for "The Official Guide to America's National Parks".  And if you are over 65 immediately buy the "Golden Agers Passport" at the first National Park you come to. Both are well worth the purchase.
And thanks for the great start to my visit, Katy.  

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