Sunday, June 10, 2012

National Arboretum--Peace on Memorial Day

Did you know we had a National Arboretum?  Neither did I.  Well, we do have one, since 1927.  Located in the northeast part of the city,  it was an easy drive on Memorial Day and It provided me a refuge away from all the traffic and people.  I decided I needed a picnic and a quiet place to read a book and this was it.

And it is right in the city.

with lots of walking spaces.

These are the original National Capitol Columns that were carved from Virginia sandstone in the 1820's then removed from the US Capitol in 1958 during an expansion project.    

And you can even see the Washington Monument and the Capitol from the park.

I passed this building on one of my walking tours around the Mall and wanted to post the picture because...
I also did not know there was an "Institute of Peace."  On this Memorial Day I thought I would give them a little exposure instead of the war memorials.  What we need is a little more Peace in this world.

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  1. "Institute of Peace" I love it. I wonder why we hear nothing of it?