Have you checked with the National State Parks for a discount pass? Apparently for $10 you can get a life time senior pass that gives you up to 50% discount for entrance into National monuments, recreation areas and other places like the Jazz Park in New Orleans. Have you discovered other discounts or savings while traveling?

From Me:  See that first photo up above?  That is the Greenbelt National Park located inside the Beltway in Washington DC.  It is conveniently situated just a short distance from the last stop on the subway line (next photo) and near shopping centers, a library, movie theatre and laundromat.  With that National Park pass (it cost me $12 five years ago)  the camp ground fee was only $8 per night.  I did not have electricity (my 12 volt worked just fine)  but the park did supply hot showers and they had a dump station plus fresh water.  And I had deer in my campsite each morning I was there.  All National Park attractions in DC are free to the public anyway but that pass has gotten me into many many other memorials, museums, and day use parks for free. And to spend 10 nights in DC for only $8 per night is just about unheard of.  Finally, I paid $20 for a 'Senior Fast Pass' on the subway (Metro) and, after using it for 6 round-trips into DC including the bus to and from the subway to the RV, I still have $2 left on the pass.  Except for an occasional lunch or bottle of water, that is all I spent while sightseeing for 10 days.  Note: the State Parks do not honor the senior passes and are usually pretty expensive for camping.