Monday, June 18, 2012

United States Botanic Garden Conservatory

It was time to just 'smell the roses'....

The Botanic Garden is right across the street from the Capitol.  If I lived here I would eat my lunch every day in the cool environs of this garden.  Wow!  What a treasure!

The special exhibits during my visit were the predator plants--Venus fly traps, pitcher plants, etc.

There were little beds of them all over and they were surprisingly lovely....

This is the children's garden with the rustic little playhouse.  They have areas for planting and digging or just watering.

There are actually 3 floors inside the conservatory....

I went up on the second but skipped the third since the only way up there was via a ladder.

Looking down...

and looking out....

The Capitol is right there!

     The profusion of flowers fills the air with the most wonderful smells.  I was hoping a little of the scent would stick to me (and overpower the odors caused by  4 hours of hiking the Mall)

Lots of fountains and running water.  This was my favorite. 

 Don't stop here--the following post is for my aunts.

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  1. Well, I did not know there was a National Conservatory and I'm sorry we missed it on our last pass through the DC metro area. Your photos are just wonderful.