Thursday, June 21, 2012

National Gallery of Art/ Newseum

I will zip through the last three museums/art galleries and get on with this blog.  (Did I hear a sigh of relief out there?)

As usual the Gallery of Art did not allow cameras so the only photos are either posters or they were furtively taken....

I saw this painting as well as a 'hobby' horse that was from the same period--early 1800's in Massachusetts.  I also learned that the children that were the subjects of Deacon Robert Peckham's paintings were all real.  Which made me wonder at those frilly dresses those little boys were wearing.  Yes, the above is a little boy. There were 8 or 9 paintings of children and all the boys wore these very elaborate and beautifully embroidered dresses. I tried to imagine getting either of my boys at that age to sit still in a dress long enough for a painting--Not likely!

The Spanish artist, Joan Miro had some fun landscapes but I am not into the 'squiggley art' above.  I felt I was looking at his doodles. 

Capricorn by
Max Ernst,
(I liked this.)

and Calder is another one I cannot seem to appreciate.  I see his work in all the important galleries but I feel like I am seeing the same mobiles over and over again.  

I guess I won't ever make a good art critic--so much of 'art' just does not make sense to me.

"Painting with Statue of Liberty", 1983
By Roy Lichtenstein  

"The Sacrament of the Last Supper" by Salvadore Dali, 1955

Did you know there was a museum of newspapers?  It's called the Newseum.

Every morning the Newseum puts out in these cases the front pages of dozens and dozens of newspapers from around the world....
I found myself spending way too much time walking along and reading the papers.  I ran out of time and never got inside.  

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