Thursday, June 21, 2012

Smithsonian's National Museum of American Indians

This was the museum I wanted to spend more time in--I thought a few hours would do it but there is way too much to see and read.

There was an excellent film on five of the tribes that I simply had to see and that ended up taking a big chunk of time.

Then someone told me I had to sample the food in their restaurant--all native foods that were excellent....

So I had Buffalo Chili and fry bread for dinner.  Yum!

But indigestion set in and I noticed my ankles were starting to swell...

so I decided I'd best call it a day.

When I got outside of the museum I found this guy talking to some children...

He is a 'bird rescuer' and this is one of his charges.

The bird was a real show-off and loved the crowd.
 There just seems to be no end to the 'entertainment' in this place. 

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