Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lake Port Condos--What a place to retire!

One morning while sister-in-law, Donna Mae was visiting Don we decided to do a walk around the very extensive grounds of Don's condo.

This is the building that Don occupies (on the 4th floor).  There are actually two buildings like this but this is the only one that overlooks this small lake.

There is a small alligator that lives in the lake. Donna Mae and I tried to think of a name--any ideas?  By the way--how do you identify a male from a female alligator and live to tell about it?

The path that surrounds the small lake also wanders off into the cypress swamp and emerges on a much larger lake--also populated by alligators.  There are picnic tables and benches throughout the property--I suggest keeping a close watch on the surroundings.

Donna Mae really enjoyed the scenery.  It's a bit different from  her home in Minneapolis.

Such a peaceful setting. You could fish from here and there were small boats tied up for the resident's use.

 I am going to have to learn the names of some of these birds.  This one took a liking to Donna Mae.

Occasionally a turtle will sunbathe on this platform.  Do you suppose they can read?

The complex has a putting green compete with a little cabinet filled with putters for use by anyone walking by.

Donna Mae was enjoying the flowers since everything in Minnesota is pretty brown right now.

There is an indoor heated pool complete with exercise programs.  Sorry, this picture was through a window.

There are also a bank, barber & beauty shop, and this small cafe on the grounds if you get a yen for ice cream before the dining room opens.

There is a garden for anyone with a green thumb to grow stuff.  Lettuce, tomatoes and basil do very well in January.

I think Valentine's Day is getting close.

Every evening the dinners are more formal--linen on the tables and usually flowers.  There is a menu with four or five items plus sandwiches, a salad bar and four or five desserts. It is great for entertaining and Don seems to thrive on it. Gary and Gail Benson were some friends of Don and Donna Mae who have moved to Florida from Minnesota.

Donna Mae, Don and Jean Heeps.  Can you tell they are having a good time?


  1. Hi Toni, Barbara Wittman sent me an email about your travels and your blog. She thought you might like to take a look at my blog: We did bicycle touring for quite a few years but now are focused on sailing our catamaran. We are currently in Guaymas Sonora Mexico.


  3. I believe I've got it!!!
    This is a repeat of what I sent as E mail:
    I've been seeing and reading your blog and you and your family are amazing.
    In fact, am appreciating Lake Port Square more through your camera's lens. Thank you.
    But have not been able to leave a message in the blog, just too stupid, which proves I'm a "used to be" engineer

  4. Sorry to see you leave - will keep looking and inform Don. Jules

  5. I only see your entry from Feb.12. so if you added more to your trip, I can not find it. Hope all is well with you, Don looks terrific and I have dinner with him every Thurdays - so I'l see him later. Jules