Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Flora and Fauna of St. John VI

St. John is so lush with vegetation I had the feeling I was always in a garden. (I just learned something--okay, so I'm a slow learner--a single click on the pictures in the blog will enlarge them..try it)

Orchids in the hotel patio.

Good morning, Aunt Pauline.

He guarded the parking lot.

And this guy was walking around under that tree.  He started to chase Tom (I suspect he was used to getting handouts from the restaurant) and I would have taken a picture of Tom backing off but I was too busy running for the car.

Can you see the man climbing the ladder?  He travels from place to place with his ladder getting coconuts,  then selling them to the tourists or the bars to fill with rum punch. To gauge how high he is climbing--that blue roof is the top of one floor of the hotel and the small table to the right is on the terrace--not the ground.

Anything grows--and it grows everywhere.

A friend of Tom's that everyone calls 'Hollywood'.  He was so cheerful--but everyone I met was extremely cheerful--you would think they were living in Paradise.

This one's for Sigh Me.  Kitties were everywhere and I know the reason why by the midnight yowling I heard from time to time.

And donkeys are wild and live all over the Island...

Begging handouts from the tourists.

This was the view from a small restaurant on the edge of the National Forest.  And that is another Orchid growing on their balcony.

There are two peacocks in the picture above--right outside Tom and Amy's front gate.

I spent one afternoon under a coconut tree on the beach reading a book and watching this little guy watching me.

Two Island fixtures on the same beach

And here we have an 'Island-fixture-in-training'.

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