Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's a Small World, The Garzas and Gorillas

Amy had to work this night so we decided to have dinner at the Tamarind where she would wait on us and we could enjoy her great smile..

     We were having dinner with Linda and Joe Garza--and here lies a tale....
Last summer I was sitting with Aunt Louise Brogoitti in Ft. Worth and I was telling her about Tom and Amy when she said, "I think Linda lives on St. John!"
     Linda Brogoitti Garza is my stepsister, 1/2 sister to my sisters, a 'somewhat' aunt to Tom, and someone I had not seen in over 30 years. (Tom did not even know she existed).   I called him and asked if he had ever met Linda or Joe Garza and he said, "I don't think so, but I know a Jeremy Garza."           "Well," I informed him, "I think he's your cousin--sort of."  His answer was..."Huh?"

The Larsons and the Garzas.  Joe is security guard for one of the main resorts on the Island.  Linda worked in one of the small hotels.  We had a really fun time discussing various mutual relatives.  (The above picture is for our mutual sisters', Jo and Mary)

And tale number two...during dinner Joe Garza revealed to us that he was a rabble-rousing, activist during the 60's and 70's when he lived in the Haight Ashbury section of San Francisco.
     When I asked if he had protested 'The War' he said, "No, not really.  I mostly protested Nabisco."
     "Huh?" (The whole evening seemed to be a revelation) "Whatever for?"
     "I picketed the company to put a gorilla in their animal crackers!"

It seemed there was something happening between Nabisco,  the Oakland Zoo and animal rights people at that time and Joe discovered in the process that there were NO GORILLAS IN ANY BOX OF ANIMAL CRACKERS! Horrors!


     Well, guess what folks!  His protests worked.  In a very short time Nabisco retooled their cookie cutters and--Lo and Behold..... We have Joe Garza to thank for Gorillas in the Animal Crackers!

Not only that but there were THREE GORILLAS in the box that I bought.  Thanks, Joe.
And I absolutely love this serendipitous world.


  1. Toni,
    I just never know what I am going to learn from your blogs, but I know I am going to learn something. Gorillas in Animal Crackers... I wonder how many of those I have eaten without even looking to see what kind of animal it was? It was just a good tasting animal. Ha.


  2. Jamie..Thanks for the comment. Would you believe that Mary is having dinner tonight--in Hawaii--with somebody from St.John! That little Island is like a giant magnet. Toni

  3. When we visited there a few years back, the tour guide said there were several islands for sale nearby. I kept thinking that maybe if all our family chipped in we could come up with the million or so to buy one and we could all live there! Ha! I can always dream!

  4. Denise--I know what you mean. I came right home and bought a lottery ticket. I'll save a spot for you if I win, Toni

  5. Yea! Can't wait! We'll have so much fun!

  6. I want in on the island, we loved it there. Cherie