Sunday, February 5, 2012

A fundraiser and a farewell

This is my last day in the Virgin Islands.  What a wonderful and beautiful trip this has been and I have discovered that, by doing this Blog, I can live it twice.  So I don't care if any of you guys read it--I'm having a ball!

Some days before I arrived in St. John I learned that a friend of many of the residents, including Tom and Amy, had been out in the bay in his small dinghy.  It was just before daylight when the Island Ferry failed to see him and hit him.  His name is Russ and he has been in intensive care in the hospital for several weeks.  So the Islanders decided to have a fundraiser for him.

The Calypso is a beautiful catamaran that is chartered in the islands and they along with another boat, offered to do a sunset sail to raise money.  We jumped at the chance to take part.

The Captain's name is Kelly and she was superb.

I lost count on how many people went on the two boats but it was a good party.

And was it beautiful? It was spectacular!

I forgot the names of all the Islands we sailed past--maybe Tom will add a note and tell us.

Can you hear the swish of the water as we cut through this channel?

These are the sailing grounds of pirates, explorers and adventurers...

And I am sure there is pirate's treasure hidden away on that rocky outcropping.

I never met Russ but I hope he gets well soon.  Thank you Calypso and Kelly for a great tour.

Passengers and friends of Tom and Amy.

And a final look at Cruz Bay and St. John.

From the plane out of St. Thomas the next morning.  I think I will go back soon.

This was my favorite picture of all.  At first I was sorry my shadow was in it but now I'm glad.  It is proof that I did not dream this whole Odyssey.


  1. I loved your trip! Beautiful photos made me feel like I visited, too! Wendy

  2. Oh how beautiful ! I visited St. Thomas oh so many years ago and I still remember the beautiful crystal clear water and the flowers and sunsets,,, this brings back lovely memories..
    Thnnks Toni !!

  3. I am not really anonymous, this is Alexandra the Great !!

  4. Alexandra the Great...You will have to join me the next time I go. Toni