Saturday, February 25, 2012

Cape Canaveral Wildlife Refuge

I have learned that my niece, Jean Larson, is a poet and has just published her first book of poems, "The Superior Life".  The following is one of her poems, written for the boundary waters of Minnesota but it also reflects the experiences I am having:

The Superior Life
by Jean Larson

I wish for nothing more than this cobble beach, this sun,
these pines, this necklace of air

When we suffer we put it on again to Be..

whole & healed.  To remember the feeling
of our Selves.  This smooth tumbled stone in my palm.

 I left Deland and headed for the east coast for a few days.  Along the way I learned that the Kennedy Space Center wanted to maintain a large area around the launch pad that is 'human-free' so they created a wildlife refuge.  What a neat idea!

Of course I explored every bit of it and saw wild boars, an armadillo, several manatees, alligators and lots and lots of birds..all while, what my friend Jayne calls,  'Cadillac Hiking'. What is that? you ask.  Cadillac Hiking is covering dirt roads, rugged terrain and out-of-the-way places while driving instead of walking.  I think it should be an Olympic event.  I would surely get the gold medal.

From everywhere in the refuge you can see the Space Center in the distance.

The Atlantic Ocean was calm and restful this morning.  And this time I actually got out of the RV and hiked.

This guy was catching fish--quite a few actually, but none very large. I don't think he cared.

I took this dirt road because the Wittman's recommended it and without the recommendation I probably would not have tried it.  By the way, how do the reptiles, critters & fowl know it's okay to move in?

 These guys are sure not endangered anymore.

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