Friday, February 24, 2012

Deland or De Land--a really pleasant stop

On my way over to the east coast of Florida I made a stop in Deland.  I had two was to spend time at the local library doing some genealogy research for Aunt Louise (Looking for ancestors named Hatchett) and to say hello to the very nice couple above, Wayman and Barbara Wittman.  The Wittmans are friends of Donna Mae and they winter in Florida every year. They have been RVing for years in a lovely Airstream and were able to tell me of some of their favorite stops and if I visit them all I will have to extend these travels for at least another year.  It was a lovely two days with very nice company.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WAYMAN!

Near the RV park and tucked away on an out-of-the-way road was an orange orchard where I could stock up on some of those unbelievably sweet Florida oranges I am always craving.  The lovely people that run the orchard (above) were so enthusiastic--they kept plying me with samples from their favorite trees.  I am sure they knew my addiction..."Come here little girl and try this luscious Valencia."  They were diabolical--I may have to go back there and get another fix.

The RV park sat on this lovely little river.  It was noted for being a good place for fishing.

Now I wonder why there isn't a national fishing license for vagabonds like me.  I would love to catch my breakfast from time to time but I would have to buy the pole and all the gear, find a place  to store it  (no small matter these days) and then buy a license for each state I enter.  It's kinda like my driver's registration renewal.  It took 6 wks and a visit to a Florida police station to convince Arizona they should take my money without me driving all the way back there.  But they warned me--"Just this once!"  So I may have to find a new state of residence or go back to Arizona next winter when registration comes due.  Hmm.. We'll see. So why not a National Registration for vagabonds like me?
Other headaches:  No library card and my health and dental insurance are very limited while out-of-state.  There are pluses since the last time my family and I traveled extensively--ATM cards, internet and cell phones.  So some progress in the last 30 years.

While standing on the bank of that river I looked to my left and saw this...

These guys were just hanging around looking at the same view and totally unperturbed that I was standing there too.

What do you suppose he's thinking?  "Hmm, sure glad I have a National Fishing License."

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  1. Imagine my surprise when I saw that pix of Barbara Whitmann; she is the spitting image of Ms Vera. Love your blog and pixs of your travels.