Wednesday, February 8, 2012

God Cafe, Leesburg

It's pretty hard to follow the Virgin Islands with a posting but ....

While visiting brother-in-law, Don, he suggested an unusual restaurant for me to add to my 'Mom & Pop' list (This just occurred to me--I think I'll start a franchise of only Mom & Pop restaurants--The slogan might be--"No Two Alike!  Come in and Meet the Owner and your Neighbors!" Move over Subway and make room for God's Cafe!)

Located on the Main Street of Leesburg you cannot miss the theme.  Don and I went for breakfast.

The really unusual thing about the restaurant is that the items on the menu are not priced. You pay only what your conscience tells you the food is worth.  Well, as Brother Don said,  "I always overpay when I come here!"  I suspect it is that Protestant Guilt thing. But I must admit--the food was very good.

So, when sister-in-law, Donna Mae came to visit I had to take her to the cafe. (Actually, she took me since she bought the lunch.)

There's a great view of the heart of Leesburg and the restaurant seemed to be very successful with locals coming and going all the time.

Some of the patrons made banners for the restaurant that carried out the theme.

Whether you are Buddhist, Baha'i,  Atheist, Muslim, Christian or Jew I recommend the God Cafe.  And remember to tithe 15% in the tip jar.

Gary (the chef) and Victoria Hagan are the happy owners.  


  1. Toni, your aunt Louise gave me this blog address and asked that I contact you. We are currently in the keys (well, the boat and tom are - I am in Baytown now seeing my mom, but will be back in marathon on the 12th) - we will be heading to the upper keys on the 14th if the weather cooperates. Would be happy to hear back from you - love your blog.

  2. I wonder if they have a Buddhist Pizza on the menu? The sort of pizza where you can say "Make me one with everything"?

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  4. Two comments have been deleted from this post for the following reasons:
    1. A negative statement was made about the food in this restaurant for which there is no proof.
    2. A positive statement was made about a miracle that occurred after eating in this restaurant for which there is also no proof.
    Overall, my experience while eating in this restaurant has been nothing but positive and I wish them only the best. ....Toni