Sunday, April 22, 2012

A. Rodin

In Raleigh I found a really great museum--for once I was allowed to take pictures! The following is one small part of the North Carolina Art Museum but it was, by far, my favorite.... 

Here is one of the most extensive displays of Auguste Rodin's sculpture in this country...

"The Cathedral"  1908

Note how expressive the hands are in all of Rodin's sculptures.

"Pierre de Wisiant" 1887

The hands look so tense with emotion that I would not have been surprised if I had seen a finger move.

"Head of Pierre D Wissant"  1887

It took Rodin a long while to become popular in France because he broke from all the traditional romantic  Greek  and Roman styles of the day.  His work ranges from beauty and grace to pathos and......

"Balzac with Folded Arms" 1892
I wondered two things:  Did Balzac pay a commission to Rodin to do this statue of him and his beer-belly?  And what in the heck is he leaning on?  Anyway, I thought this one was weird.

This was only a small portion of the inside display.


" The Kiss"

I wish the lighting had been better.

This is called an 'example cast of The Thinker"
A full-size casting of this statue is the headstone for Rodin's grave.


Another view of Pierre de Wissant Vetu

The courtyard with reflective pool

"Meditation with Arms"
(and big feet.)

As you can see here--the day was overcast which did not help in lighting on the statues.

"Jean de Fiennes-clothed"

I think his hands are saying, "Will you pay me more if I take my clothes off?"


"Three Shades"

I wonder how he got a model to stand like that for any length of time.

Auguste Rodin   1840-1917


  1. Toni,
    I'm following along with great enjoyment, and I've given your url to some friends. I didn't think you wanted this to be a secret. You've been traversing a part of the world that I've never seen, and I'm grateful to get to see it through your lens. I think you did a good job with the Rodins; sculpture is so hard to do justice to with photographs. I'm shopping for an RV, thanks partly to your account, although I've been thinking of doing it for years.

  2. Lynda...It would be great fun to caravan. Keep me posted. Toni

  3. Hi Toni, we are following you.....litteraly, we are in Boone, NC leaving for Advance, NC around 9 AM today. After a few hours there at a campground we will depart for the D.C. area. Where are you? Lets have a cup of coffee and share adventures. Also, we want you to the see "GRUMMIE" and her new face. Loved your story about your Mother, amazing all of her talent was saved for her three daughters giving them precious memories that fame or money can not buy! Diane & Mike