Monday, April 16, 2012

The road to Ashboro--part I

It was time to head east for the coast.  As I started up into the mountains this little guy very slowly and deliberately stepped out into the road and proudly made his way across...

to join his buddies on the other side.

With the same attitude as that goose I set the GPS on a far distant eastern point then asked for the 'least use of freeways' and found myself wandering through some of the loveliest small mountain roads.

I learned from one of the local guys that this is the country where one of my all-time favorite films, "The Last of the Mohicans" was filmed.  Any minute I expected Daniel Day Lewis to come charging out of the forest dressed in full buckskin with musket and powder horn in hand and long hair flying in the wind.  Just dreaming....

I thought I had climbed much higher and was surprised to see the altitude.  Yes, I spilled a cup of water on the ground-1/2 for the Atlantic and 1/2 for the Gulf.

Tucked among the trees all along the way were little log cabins with azaleas in bloom.

I thought it might be nice to sit on their porch for a while and get to know them.  Maybe share a glass of moonshine.  I've never tasted moonshine but something tells me It's probably pretty awful.

Smithsonian magazine chose Lake Lure as one of the ten most scenic man-made lakes in the US.   Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter thought so too because they honeymooned here.  It looked a little congested to me.  

I found an RV park for the night...

backed up to another river.  When I walked around the RV park I saw a sign telling me the river could rise quickly if it's raining anywhere in the mountains and if I hear a siren I am to leave immediately for higher ground.  I decided if it starts to rain I'm not going to wait for a siren.

Sigh Me's head is resting on her two hind paws--I wish I could do that.

 In these parts it is not called the Civil War.  It's known as, "The War of Northern Aggression".  Don't we all write our own history to fit our personal mindset?

The south loves bottle trees.  I wondered if this guy drank all this wine himself.

What comes in blue bottles?

The bible belt is evident everywhere I go, including this roadside stand.

I bought some whole wheat bread and oatmeal cookies.  Both were delicious.  I bet this bread won't last for two months.

They really were vine ripened and only .79 a lb!  I have feasted on tomatoes.  The vegetables are ripening now and I've been getting my fill.

I passed this sign and drove 1/2 mile down the highway then had to come back and read it again.  Sometimes I feel like I should have an interpreter..and on this one I am clueless.  First of all the sign was in front of an auto repair place.  I am guessing the last line is 'owl  otter  sold here'.  Huh?  Is this food?  Are they stuffed?  Barbecued?  Is there a market for coyote jerky?  Road Kill?  I could have asked but the business was closed for the day.  I welcome your guesses.

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  1. Lake Lure is also where they filmed "Dirty Dancing"