Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Food, Sigh Me and Stuff

On the way through South Carolina I came across this antique shop.....

If you pronounce this word with a southern drawl it has at least two syllables...try it. I have noticed lately that my speech is getting slower and even caught myself saying, 'ya'll' in the grocery store today.

An example of honesty in advertising...and it must work because I wasn't the only one that stopped to take a picture.  This business is owned by the fire chief in this little town.  While I was taking my pictures he pulled up in his car and chatted for a minute.

He informed me that his sign has been featured on Jay Leno's show as well as half a dozen other TV talk shows. He said he was heading to church but if I wanted to hang around he would come back and open up in about an hour.  I was sorry I couldn't wait, I suspect I would have learned a lot about his town and probably some gossip about a few of those 'dead people.'

But I have to get to Charlotte by the time Ron arrives.  My wonderful little two-burner stove has stopped working altogether and I am now eating nothing but cold stuff unless I am in an RV park and have electricity to operate the microwave.

And speaking of food--I have noticed how long some foods will last these days.  See that nice slice of whole wheat bread above--it is two months old! And there is not even a tiny speck of mold on it.  I remember when bread did not last more than 3 or 4 days before it started turning green and growing fuzzy stuff.  This morning I had two slices left in the bag and I had electricity!  So I made microwave french toast!

Whip one egg,  2 or 3 tablespoons of milk,  a dash of vanilla and a tablespoon of sugar or sweetener until frothy and well mixed.
Soak two slices of bread in the mixture--turning the bread to make sure it is well covered.
Microwave on high until egg is set.  It won't be as brown as it would if you did it on a griddle but it still tastes good.

Maple syrup and fresh fruit are my favorite toppings.  And it was all done in one dish!  And It was so easy and ready in minutes. But I still miss that gas burner.

I have no idea what this is--The only clues were two cut-out initials--RH.  How do you hang curtains?

Sigh Me let me put on her vest and leash so she could spend an hour lying in the sun.

But she still acts silly in it--she goes so limp you wouldn't think she had a bone in her body.  I have seen a couple of cats now that walk on a leash so I think I'll keep working with Sigh Me and see if I can get her to go walking with me.
Ron comes tomorrow morning for 3 or 4 days and we will be busy working on the RV--so I probably will not be taking pictures or posting for a few days.  Don't give up on me--I will be back!


  1. That building with the odd windows looks like something I would build...love it. Love Jo

  2. I'm having a "vacation" moment reading all about your experiences. Your the tops. Jules

  3. Jo....I think you built one already. Funny, I thought of you when I saw it.
    Jules...Thanks for the very nice comment.