Friday, April 20, 2012

Ashboro to Raleigh

Eureka!  I was all ready to go inside,  meet Stanly, shake his hand and open an account when I found out I was actually in Stanly country and there really wasn't someone named Stanly who owned the bank.

Did I mention how big the mosquitos are here?

Broom Straw House?  It's actually a church.

Can you smell the chitlins frying or the pork mellowing in the smokehouse?  Some mornings the smell of barbecue is so strong I just have to pull into one of the local cafes for a bbq pork sandwich.

Carolina barbecue is different from that in the west.  The sauce is not so thick or red and it is very sharp and vinegary.  At first it startled me when I bit into it but now I kinda like it.  My favorite is still the smokey hot and spicy sweet in La. or the mesquite slow cook of Arizona.

I found this little spot for an afternoon nap.  There was a fresh breeze from the lake and a tree full of chirping birds--perfect for sleeping.

Then I camped that night in the Jordan Lake State Park and this was out of my side door...

North Carolina has been lush and green and parklike the whole way--I give this state 4 stars.

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