Monday, April 23, 2012

North Carolina Museum of Art--Part I

I was not able to get the blog to post all of the photos in one block so this time it is divided into 3 sections.....

No angle is too difficult for this intrepid photographer.  (BTW--I had no idea my hair was so grey)

The Entrance to the museum is pretty spectacular.....


Is it a fat priest or a cyclops with a roman nose? Any other ideas?

Since it was noon when I arrived I immediately went looking for food.....

A bad hair day in the restaurant.  I think dusting this mess would be a real problem and I thought it was a very bad choice for a restaurant--but they didn't ask me.  Anyway, their food was good--I had a chicken salad sandwich.

So Here Goes.....

Block Statue of Amenemhat
Circa 400 BCE

Dog Effigy from West Mexico
Circa 200 BCE
This reminded me of my sister's dog, Charlie, from many years back. He had an attitude too.

Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad
By J. Lawrence  1967

"Corn Harvest"
By Newell Wyeth

"Three Trees and Two Clouds"
(of course!)
By John Beerman--1990

by Andrew Wyeth
If this old house looks familiar it might be because Wyeth used it in four other paintings including his most famous, "Christina's World"

"Diana and Actaeon"
by Paul Manship, 1921

This made me think of the movie "The Hunger Games" and women warriors in general.  I grew up wanting to be Wonder Woman so I seem to gravitate to these heroines.
BTW, the movie was filmed in Hildebran, NC and around Ashville and Charlotte and I drove all through that countryside.

Don't stop now.....Keep going.

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