Monday, April 23, 2012

North Carolina Museum of Art--Part III

Now aren't you glad I didn't post all the photos I took?  If you made it this far then you are almost done so don't give up now.

The following portrait of Captain Job Cuitjer and his family made me stop and look for a minute.
Do these people appear especially short to you?
They sure do to me and now I am on a quest to find out how much the average height has changed in the last 350 years--This portrait was done in 1659.
I learned recently that we have literally doubled the average life expectancy in the last 100 years now I am thinking the same has happened to our height.  Certainly we have doubled our weight--but I don't want to talk about that.

Maybe it's just his goofy pants....

"Captain Job Cuitjer and his Family"  1659  by Nicholaes Maes

"Model of a Boat"        1985 BCE
This delicate carving is almost 4000 years old!  It surely was not a child's toy.

Pompeiian Relief     100 BCE

Head of Bacchus       200 AD

"Canova"    1822

"Tar Baby vs St. Sebastian"   1999
by Michael Richards

This piece was very startling to me and even more so when I learned it's history.  Mr. Richards was a promising young sculptor during the '90's.  This is a cast of his own body with planes imbedded  in it.

He made this statue 3 years before he died while in his studio on the 100th floor of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001....!  No, I don't believe in premonitions or prophecies....But this is one jarring coincidence.

Well, finally I am through with this museum--

Just as they are ready to turn out the lights....

Yep, it's a light fixture!

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