Sunday, April 8, 2012

A huge 'Thank You' to the Davis Family

Ron arrived in Charlotte, NC on Wednesday--ready and eager to get started on the long list of 'odd' jobs.  

The Davis family--Pat, Susan, Kelsey, Samantha and Buddy--allowed us to move into their home, garage and driveway for four days of mess and confusion.

And they kept smiling!

Susan celebrated her birthday while we were there...

And Samantha baked a very yummy sweet potato cake for the occasion.

It was a real luxury for me to sleep in a king sized bed in one of the guest rooms in this absolutely lovely home. This is the back yard view.

And playing ball with Buddy was one of the fun perks.

But I think Pat was beginning to wonder if we weren't going to sneak off with Buddy when we left.  It's one thing to move into one's house, use a fellow's shower and borrow his tools--but there is something altogether evil about usurping the love and devotion of his prized 'buddy'.  So Pat looked a bit relieved when Ron packed his bag and I backed the RV out of the driveway and waved goodbye.  Sigh Me was relieved too.

Thank you so much, Davis family, for the wonderful hospitality and assistance.  Ron would never have been able to do so much under any other circumstances.  And I really hope we meet again sometime.

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  1. Glad everything is working right again. There is a lot of stuff packed into tight quarters on those RV's, especially in the small ones, and as you go down the road there is a "whole lot of shakin' going on". Not a good combination to keep things in working order.