Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wedding Festivities Begin

The wedding festivities began with the rehearsal party...

...and the arrival of Amara Jo from the west coast.  (Allan's granddaughter and Donna Mae's great granddaughter)

Two of Donna Mae's grandsons, Dustin and Kyle

The bride's sister, Sarah

Their smiles lit up the room.

The Bride--Katy (Donna Mae's granddaughter)

More smiles from Groom-to-be, John and bride-to-be, Katy

Donna Mae, Amara Jo and her grandfather, Allan

Sarah, Amara Jo, Anna Lisa, Kyle and his girlfriend, and Dustin

On the day of the wedding we were all watching the weather--rain was in the forecast.

The wedding was outside and afterwards we would move into the restaurant.

The setting was lovely...

...But the clouds were gathering.

Here they come!

Donna Mae--the grandmother of the Bride

Becky--the mother of the bride,

Sarah, the sister of the bride,

So beautiful and So far--no rain!

Phew,  they made it.

Time for hugs and kisses,

Are those raindrops?

Everybody run!

Everybody's dry--though not dry-eyed. Mother-of-the-bride was very relieved.

Congratulations to Alec, Donna Mae's grandson, for completing his training and getting his pilot's license.  Good job, Alec.

I gave my camera to Amara Jo to take a couple of pictures.  This was the first....

...and this was the second.

The ring bearer (a great dancer) and his partner, the flower girl.

It's official.

Cousin, Jan had on the most colorful outfit.

Jan and Mary

Tim and Becky

Donna Mae, Jan and Me

Connie, Mark and Mary

Is it over?

One last thing.  The next morning Amara Jo,  her mom Anna Lisa and uncle Dustin came for a tour of the RV.

Yes, now it's over but it was lots of fun.

Congratulations to John and Katy, you are a lovely couple surrounded by a wonderful family.

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  1. Lovely occasion Looking at these pics is giving me itchy wander foot. We'll be doing our road trip in July, though not in such a fancy vehicle as yours but rather in the oldish VW Passat we bought off our daughter.