Saturday, June 25, 2016

Duluth, Mn

This was my first sighting of Lake Superior. 

Stopped here for a good view and lunch of walleye and chips.  

Then checked out the Army Corps of Engineers maritime museum for a little info on the lake.

Lake Superior is 350 miles across from East to West 
and 160 miles from North to South--altogether it is the size of Maine.

If I were to drive all the way around it I would cover 1300 miles.


                                    Lake Superior holds 10% of the world's fresh water.

It is larger than the other 4 great lakes and is the largest fresh water lake in the world. 

Duluth is only the second largest city on the lake but it ships more tonnage from its port than even Chicago on Lake Michigan.

  The largest city on Lake Superior is Thunder Bay in Ontario.

The city is interesting in its age and variety.

It is industrial with the shipping of iron ore and also timber and grain. There is some tourism.

The docent in the museum suggested I park for the night in an RV park just on the other side of this bridge at the local marina,

The RV park (?) turned out to be a parking lot at the marina. 

My space was surrounded on three sides by water.  It was not the best park I have ever stayed in but....

....I loved the views.

The skyline of the city was particularly interesting.

I carefully set the parking brake for the night.  It would be a little sad to wake up in the drink.

The next day I headed for the border.   

The scenery was immediately beautiful 
and I had to scold myself for stopping at every little pull out.

After all, I had a very long way yet to go and even though I knew I had all summer...

...I feared I could run out of time if the entire trip looked like this.

It is an absolutely Superior lake!


  1. Oh my, thanks so much for this. It provides further inspiration. I imagine that Duluth is not typically on bucket lists, but it's on mine!

  2. And the best is yet to come. Thank you, Anne for the comment.