Monday, June 20, 2016

Mike and Deb's Cabin in Wisconsin

I said my goodbyes then drove north into the northwest part of Wisconsin.  I had an invitation to visit cousin Mike and Deb Middleton at their cabin on the lake just outside of Danbury.

Somehow what the Middletons think of as a cabin is way different from my idea of a cabin.
Deb was waiting at the door,,,,

...along with several of her closest friends.

This one is unbelievably cute--1/2 cat and 1/2 dog.

I'm kidding, she is all dog but I think a cat is in her lineage somewhere,

Deb showed me the best features of their cabin. 
(Funny how this is the only picture I have of Deb, I didn't get one of Mike at all ...

....but I sure have a bunch of the dogs,)

Who could resist these cuties?

I take it back--here's a picture of Deb.

Back to this rugged cabin,,,

...tucked away in the woods on this beautiful lake,,,

...I could have sat here for days,

Just listen to the quiet in these pictures.

The view from the living room--the perfect spot for an afternoon cup of tea,

Do I look relaxed?


Storm gathering?  Who cares.

How about some more dog pictures? 

Deb and I wanted to get a picture of the sunrise on the lake.  It was worth getting up at 5:00 AM,

One last picture of my new friends,,, 


Can't you see how saddened they are to see me go?

 And one final picture of this beautiful spot,
Thank you Mike and Deb, for sharing your amazing retreat with me,


  1. Gorgeous spot! Love that last one. I have not been to my mother's hometown of Appleton in almost 40 years, but as I already mentioned, I am hoping to get back there sooner rather than later.

    1. Returning to one's past is always an adventure. Memories turn out to be strangely warped or not right at all. And discovering lost memories is like finding a treasure. I hope you make the trip.

  2. Looks blissful, all right. They sure have a lot of cats and dogs!

    1. They only have two dogs and no cats--I just took too many pictures of those two dogs. I think I am missing Sigh Me and wanting another pet in my life.