Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New Orleans

The Blog finally makes it to New Orleans!

Jackson Square anchors this 20 square blocks of madness and mirth.

We spent several days here but only one afternoon in the Quarter.  That was enough--we were pretty much exhausted by then.

We thought about this but elected to walk instead.

The sights, sounds and smells never change in the Quarter....

....only fade in and out, sporting new finery (palm trees on the Jax building?), 

...and reminders of a tumultuous past.  (Never forget Katrina)

New Orleans
First sighted as Indian portage to Lake Pontchartrain and the Gulf in 1699 by Bienville and Iberville.  Founded by Bienville in 1718 and named by him in honor of the Duke of Orleans, Regent of France.  Called the Crescent City because of the location in the bend of the Mississippi River.

This caught my eye--Walgreen's Drugstore!  And it's new!  Hooray that they kept to the theme of the quarter.  So far, no Walmart and if there is a McDonald's I never saw it.

Of course we stopped at Cafe Du Monde for Beignets.

Don't breathe in!

This was on a Friday and nothing special was going on so the crowds were minimal...

which is both a pleasure and a disappointment..

These 1/2-houses, the original slave quarters, were usually built behind the main house.  When Roger and I first married we lived in a renovated slave quarter on Dumaine Street.  It was in much better shape than this one and opened onto a beautiful courtyard.

One side of the quarter is, of course, bordered by the river. 

Called The River Walk, there are shops, the Aquarium, Casino, Tour boats, outlet stores and a good way to get from the Quarter to the ferry.

We stopped for refreshments--a Louisiana Snowball!  Strawberry Daiquiri flavored!

The last time I visited here the ferry was free--but no more.  It is now $2 per person but still a pretty cheap sightseeing tour.

The St Louis Cathedral looks so lovely from the River.

We took some time to drive through the Garden District to see the stately old homes and I spied something in the trees....

...and hanging from the streetcar cables....

Mardi Gras Beads!

It had been three months from Mardi Gras and the beads had not been taken down. 

I think that is pretty much the story of New Orleans.

It was our last dinner together.  Thank you so much, Loretta, for traveling with me.  It was a great way to get to know you and discover what a trouper you are.  I hope we can do it again sometime.

The next morning Loretta flew home to San Diego and  Ron.  And I started my journey north to Minnesota.  


  1. I've been busy in SF and now Seattle. Heading home tomorrow. It's fun to be catching up with you at last. My, that Loretta is a beauty!

  2. Thanks, Hattie. Son, Ron, thinks so too. He was ready for her to come home.

  3. Toni, how was that RV park in Nola? Was the shuttle service convenient? Super happy you and Loretta were able to spend time with us. Remember our driveway is always open to you and Spirit anytime. Safe travels and enjoy!!!

    Jamie and Linda

    1. The RV park was in a very sketchy part of town and Betsy led us out of the way a few times but we finally found it. It helped that there was a security guard all night. The shuttle was great but the showers were terrible. Not a place I would stay in again.
      Thank you both again for a great visit.

  4. I'm more determined than ever to get there, thanks to your wondrous photos.

  5. Always wanted to see New Orleans! Looks like a great trip.