Thursday, June 16, 2016

Breakfast at Jeanie's and Magnus comes to town!

Meet Little Boy Wonder, Magnus.

Very quickly I learned that the Grandfathers were not exaggerating.  He really is the smartest, cleverest, must curious little boy ever.

He and his mother, Bridget, stepped into my RV for a visit.

Magnus was quite impressed with my home on wheels.

He was especially surprised to see a bed and just had to try it out.

(Me, Jeanie, Bridget, Mary and Magnus)
Breakfast at Jeanie's was quite a spread and it was a perfect spot for it on her screened in porch.

Jeanie's backyard is so lovely--especially after we spent a few hours weeding.

I scored some of her rhubarb and later in the week made some rhubarb and strawberry jam with it.

Magnus discovered the hammock ....

and enjoyed the special attention that came his way.

A baby brother is due to arrive in the fall so Magnus is soon to become a 'big brother'. Hmmm

Grandpa Mark spent time teaching Magnus about gardening.

Grandpas are special people.

He was great fun to photograph.  Somehow little boys and puppies never make a bad picture.


  1. Adorable little boy... Almost makes me miss the days when my son (now 34) was that age. Almost! I love rhubarb in jam and pie. My Midwestern grandma used to make stewed rhubarb too.

  2. This was an email from Jeanie:

    Toni! I made rhubarb crisp last weekend! Anything with rhubarb and oatmeal has to be fantastic!
    I love this blog with Mr. Magnus at the center of it being oh so wonderfully curious and delightful—and cleaning up my woodpile to boot! And I have to send you a photo of the Bee Balm that just began to bloom in front where you rescued them from the encroaching lawn. Ever so grateful to you!
    Love you!