Saturday, July 20, 2013

welcome to Canmore

I drove to the shuttle stop on Saturday afternoon and welcomed Ron.  We headed right to the condominium and found no damage from the week of storms.  However, one neighbor in the same complex had some water damage along one wall from the rain, not the floods. 

What a lovely view!  I was going to enjoy this.

And look at the kitchen space!  I hope I don't get spoiled.

Ron instantly went to work transferring the data from my older computer to his 'old' computer that he has given me.  His computer hardly feels old at all but, for him, it is already dated. So I am thrilled to get his discards and thank him profusely.  Now there is a learning curve as I struggle my way through the new programs but I will persevere.

I had the opportunity the evening before to explore the town, now Ron and I drove through again to see the damage that was still apparent, even after a week of clean up.  That sign is sitting in a bed of mud from the river.  Mud and debris had earlier covered the road in this spot.

Everywhere were these signs but in the  park near the condo we found a volunteer manning a truck full of good drinking water that he was dispensing to anyone who asked.
This was a huge slide that came right between two subdivisions and reached out over the freeway.

The clean up will go on for months but the workers and volunteers got the road open and I was beginning to realize what a chore that had been.

This was in their campground along the river.

Ordinarily this would be a lovely spot to camp.

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