Monday, July 8, 2013

A mystery town...

I am loving the snow-capped peaks that are appearing on the horizon as I travel west from Yakima on US 90.

The weather is perfect with warm days and very cool nights.

It is my last view of the Yakima Valley.

I made a stop at the little town of Roslyn, Wa. and the memories came flooding back.

There are a couple of murals...

But that's not why Roslyn is famous or familiar.

Do the streets look familiar? 

Or the bar called 'the Brick'?

 Ruth Anne's grocery store?

How about the radio station?
Minnifield Communications Network

(Maybe the name 'Chris in the Morning' will jog a memory)

Do the names Ed, Marilyn, Holling, Shelly, Maurice, Ruth Anne Dr. Joel or Maggie ring a bell?

This town had another name for 4 years from 1990 to 1995.  Do you remember it?

This town and its quirky fictitious inhabitants were in the hit TV show of those four years.
This community was supposed to be in Alaska but it was actually in Roslyn, Wa.  

And the 'quirkiness' seems to be a permanent part of the town's psyche as the ghosts peek out from the windows or disappear into the door of The Brick.

I had to step into the bar for a sandwich and a beer.

I looked around for Holling and his love interest, Shelley, but they were not there.

I admit, I was a great fan, and I have approx. 50 of the 100+ episodes in the RV right now.

 I still think it was one of the best TV shows in my lifetime and belongs in a time capsule to be rediscovered in some far distant future.

"Northern Exposure" ran from 1990-1995
Rob Morrow as Dr. Joel Fleischman
Janine Turner--as Maggie O'Connell
John Corbett--as Chris Stevens
Barry Corbin--Maurice Minnifield
John Cullum--Holling Vincoeur
Peg Phillips--Ruth Anne Miller
(and so many more)

Roslyn, Wa


Cicely, AK

In Wikipedia....
"According to The Northern Exposure Book, the moose in the opening titles was named Mort and was provided by Washington State University where he was part of a captive herd. To film the opening sequence, the crew fenced off Roslyn, set him loose, and lured him around with food."


  1. Hmm. Never saw the program. Do you think it would be worthwhile to watch it now?

  2. I suspect the characters in "Northern Exposure" are not much different than those found in Hilo Hi. Watching the show I find myself smiling at the gentle 'pokes at pomposity' and delighting in the respect given the 'native folk'. I think Cicely is the kind of town I am always looking for in my travels. I highly recommend watching at least 2 or 3 of the first episodes--but be careful, there are 107 more to go.

  3. Loved that show....classic TV......weird set of characters...all with there problems,.....I remember the native nurse or receptionist for the doctor, whatever....not many lines to remember for her....and we all loved Shelly ...and her bad decisions....thanks for sharing Toni..