Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Steveston, British Columbia

As you arrive in Vancouver on Canadian Hwy 99 (a continuation of I-5) you will enter a tunnel.  I was urged by a lovely lady at the Information Center to take the very first exit when I left the tunnel and head west for the port town of Steveston.

As I have found along the way, most recommendations turn out to be worth the time to check out and this was one.

Steveston is a small fishing village that adjoins Vancouver.

It is a combination tourist town and fishing community with the largest salmon canning plant in British Columbia right in its midst.

Most of the tourists were city dwellers from the mega-community of Vancouver who consider Steveston their getaway place on a Sunday afternoon.

There were lots of restaurants and I chose one for a fish-n-chips basket made with wild-caught Salmon. Sitting along the waterfront I had to fight off a couple of seagulls but I only lost a few 'chips'.

Driving, walking and parking thankfully were not a problem.  People strolled the boardwalk but not crowds.  Shopkeepers were pleasant and all the people I talked to professed to be either business owners, fishermen, dog walkers or visitors from neighboring towns.

It was so mellow and inviting I spent two days here.  Parking on the street for the night did not seem to be a problem either.  There were several dozen campers, RVs and vans parked for the night within a few square blocks so I just melted right in. Yep, my kinda town.

(I am now actually heading into an area that does not have wifi so I will be out of commission for a few days. There is more to blog on Vancouver and then the wonderful Banff, Lake Louise and Glacier Natl. Park and I promise to get on it as soon as I am back in civilization--and can find a Starbucks or a McDonalds. So stay tuned.)


  1. I believe that Steveston, BC is where they film some of or all of ABC's "Once Upon a Time"....the towm becomes "Storybrooke, Maine" in the TV series.


  2. You've seen some pretty choice places. I'll be up around there next month.
    Love the pix.