Saturday, July 6, 2013

Leavenworth, Washington

I had never heard of Leavenworth, Wa. before Cherie and Jerry insisted we visit there. The reason I knew nothing about the town probably was because of its size (1965 people) and the fact that it is not on any major highway (located 22 miles NW of Wenatchee along State Hwy 2).

It was established in 1906 and by 1962, was suffering economically, when a couple of  business owners visited Solvang in California.

They brought back the idea that Leavenworth, in its lovely little mountain valley, would make an appealing Bavarian village...

Viola! A charming Bavarian Village that we explored for the day.

It was the perfect temperature and not so many tourists that we could not find a parking place. 

Like Solvang, the residents pride themselves on their pastries.

They had lots and lots of shops for grazing as well....

And I found plenty of interesting things--but I resisted.

Some school children gave us a concert in the town square.

We had a very tasty German lunch... 
then rested our feet for a while. 

I love the vibrancy of colors in the flowers in this area.  They seem to glow from within.

This town also had its share of murals...

 And museums.  

All in all, a very nice day.

Thanks, Jerry and Cherie.

Note, as many of you know, I am always a few weeks behind my actual location when blogging.  It is intentional (I'm slow, I'm sometimes lazy, and I feel the delay may be somewhat cautionary).  However, due to some unexpected weather (rain and floods) and towns with Wifi down (Banff and Lake Louise) I am even slower than usual. Just know that Sigh Me and I are fine, the last two weeks have been exciting and spectacular, and I will work extra hard to get caught up.


  1. Happy to hear you are both well! Beautiful area! Love to you! Andrea

  2. Standing to the rear of the Lake Louise Hotel ......facing the emerald colored lake, the mountain peaks rising on each side, the glacier sliding into the far end of the lake....not a more beautiful site to behold.....luv that place....