Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Lake Louise

The Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks were designated a site of outstanding universal value and placed on the World Heritage list on October 30, 1984.

I just stood there in total wonder, my mouth agape.  Even with the clouds and the rain I could see why Lake Louise is a world famous spot.

The lake is the 'Crown Jewel' of Canada's National Parks...Named for Louise Caroline Alberta, fourth daughter of Queen Victoria of England.

The upper Victoria Glacier is about 5 miles from where I stood when I took this picture.  The Glacier is 260 feet thick.  When ice breaks off the front of the glacier and crashes to the valley below,  the sound takes 20 seconds to reach the spot I am standing.  

Spectacular peaks surround the little community of Lake Louise and it is the site of one of many ski areas.  I decided that when the weather cleared and Ron arrived we would have to do a ski lift ride.

The glaciers began their work about two million years ago.  They carved these mountains and gouged this valley into a deep basin.  The Victoria Glacier once filled this valley.
About 10,000 years ago, the glaciers melted back and left behind a pile of rocky debris that dammed this lake.
In recent years, a warmer climate has accelerated glacial melt and recession.  If this trend continues, one day these glaciers will be gone.
Mounts Victoria and Lefroy form part of the Continental Divide--the backbone of North America.  These glaciated mountains supply precious water to communities across the continent. 

This 'Castle Peak' was breathtaking....  

But I was a little curious when I spied this structure in one of the cliffs.  What do you suppose?   

(I couldn't resist--one more view of the lake)
  The only boats allowed on the lake are canoes and it is, obviously, a favorite pastime.  Is there anything more romantic than honeymooners lazily cruising around out there on that pristine body of water?

Banff was only 30 miles south and midway to Canmore so I took another look at the clouds and decided to get closer.  It was still 10 days before Ron was due but I wanted to get someplace 'comfortable' if this weather was going to stay unsettled.  The reports were saying rain for the next 4 days.
As I pulled out onto the freeway I discovered that the quiet, meandering Bow River was starting to leave its banks.  Not a good sign.

On the drive to Banff I spied this interesting black furry blob on a hillside next to the road....

He was munching on the dandelions.

This road is...Hmm--I'm out of words!  Through all of the areas I have traveled thus far, I have found no power poles, telephone lines, trash or billboards.  Even the rest stops are concealed from the roadways. Add to that an inconspicuous wire fence that runs along the tree line on both sides of the road to keep the wildlife from entering the traffic.  Then every few miles there is an overpass like the one above, planted to look natural and designed to give passage to the critters that migrate from one side to the other.
And it was one of these overpasses that, as I approached, I could see another furry blob--this time very large and reddish in color.  And just as I passed under the bridge the furry beast stood up and looked down onto the road--it was a grizzly! OMG!  It was 10 miles before I could turn around to get a picture-- so I kept going.     
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  1. Not a prettier place on the continent.....behind the grand Lake Louise Hotel......and on to Banff....great downtown shopping and beauty. Up onto Sulphur Mountain on the gondola.....the weird rock formations....hoodoos....luv that place