Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Boneyard

I was crossing town last week during the busier part of the day and came to one of those intersections where everyone is jockeying for position against the traffic signals.  As the light turned green I fixed my eyes on the cars in the approaching lane that were trying to turn left--they just kept inching into my lane. Suddenly horns honked and tires screeched, I glanced quickly to my left, a big white sedan had run the red light and was headed right for my door! Without even thinking I slammed on the brake and veered sharply into the lane to my right where, of course, another car was approaching.  He braked and barely missed me as he came to a stop sideways in the road.  I watched in horror as the offender slid past my front fender, missing me by no more than a coat of paint.  A second later everyone drove on his merry way but I stopped in the next block and waited until the shaking stopped.

And when I turned around this is what I saw.  That'll teach me not to waste my time setting up some  neat filing system.

Sigh Me was last seen darting under the sheet where she remained for the rest of the day.  Anyway, it is a reminder that life can change on a dime no matter how careful you think you are.

That day I was headed to the Boneyard--the place where thousands of planes are stored--and mostly forgotten.

If you look on "Google Maps" for Yuma St and S. Kolb, Tucson, Az you will see the extent of this burial ground.

Most of the planes are in good shape--are we waiting for a war? A giant two-for-one sale?

I couldn't help but think about taking the wings off one of these babies and converting it into a rolling
hacienda...It's a new blog!  'Flying down the Road'
 Doors and windows are taped shut and most look like they just came off the assembly line.

And why here?  In Tucson?  I am told that it is because the air is so dry.  Nothing rusts.  No caustic pollution--only dust.

But think of the money sitting out there. Somehow I can't seem to accept that this makes any sense.

But many of these giants have been here for years--cannibalized for parts I suppose.

I was curious about this one--the door was open.  Has someone moved in?

And speaking of spare parts...

Gallstone update:  I will be seeing a surgeon on Wednesday to find out what might be done about this annoying 'glitch' in my plans.  I have had a pretty easy week and thought, perhaps, that the offending stone had moved into the nether reaches of my intestines, but yesterday an attack nearly brought me to my knees. Very little pain, just an intense pressure that saps all the strength and breath out of me.  I am sure the surgeon will  prescribe something simple like a vegan diet plus daily offerings to the 'God of Bile'.  I'll keep you posted.


  1. The Boneyard bus tour is interesting. There are two sections to it, separated by a bridge over a wash. Planes on one side are slated for demolition, planes on the other side are still operational should the need arise. DM was selected in part due to caliche. The ground is so hard that no paving was required. Also, due to the climate. I'm with you on just shaking my head at the the expenditures of resources required to put all of that out there. Congratulations on saving the vehicle. Red light runners are an absolute scourge down here, a friend of mine was almost hit on a bicycle the other day by someone ignoring a light.

  2. Glad you are OK. That plane "boneyard" is really something!